Music Academy

Piyush bhatia Teach Singing (Bollywood and Classical), Electronic Synthesizer, Guitar, Casio and Harmonium. The Soul Of Music is a very much presumed establishment in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The Soul Of Music is connected with many cultural societies and organizing various musical events like musical nights, charity shows and music competitions. The Soul Of Music pioneers in its dedication to make ability among understudies/youngsters, who have effectively given stage exhibitions, programs and  participated in various competitions. (more…)

Music Arrangements

Piyush being a good singer and composer has the talent and ear for a good piece of music. He can very well through his experience identify a musical instrument and can also differentiate different musical instruments from each other. With this experience and knowledge Piyush Bhatia does arrangements for songs and compositions. Any song, tune or rhythm can be arranged by Piyush Bhatia with the correct combination of different instruments so that finally what results from the assembled notes is nothing but pure soulful music


When a piece of music and lyrics is ready it is very important to find the right voice to deliver it. Piyush’s voice can make any composition sound as if it has been tailored for his voice. He reproduces the words and tune through his voice with such finesse that the audience is left enthralled. Be it a peppy number or an emotional classical song, Piyush builds up the exact mood required by the composition. This not only makes Piyush a great singer but also a lively performer.

Live Performing

Piyush is a fun loving and lively person by nature. Music and singing are his passion. So, when it comes to singing and performing he is at his best. Keeping the audience attentive to every note and word of his singing is what comes to him with ease. Piyush has performed live in many shows in Rajasthan and always has been received well and applauded by the audience. His perfect rendition of lovely compositions with his melodious voice makes him a favourite among people as a live performer. (more…)


Poetry comes alive when it is woven into a rhythm and tune. Composing is also a much appreciated talent that Piyush possesses. He can make any poetry, even if it is mediocre, sound so beautiful that the audience gets carried away just by the tune of it. The music that Piyush gives through his compositions is so catchy that they will stay with you forever. And, something that sounds soothing to the ear is never forgotten. This is the magic that Piyush creates with his compositions.


Piyush has the knack of writing beautiful songs that deliver a meaningful story to the listener. Be it related to any topic, playing with words and touching the heart of the listener with simple yet powerful lyrics has become second nature to Piyush. He has also had the experience of writing few songs that have been listened to and appreciated by a widespread audience. Poetry which has words flowing with essence to reach out to the audiences and impress them is Piyush’s much loved activity.